Gearbox gear,bevel gear used for gearbox

Gearbox application in wind turbine generator is very wide, often used in the wind turbine generator, and it is the important part of the machine, gearbox whose main function is produced under the action of wind turbines in a wind power generator and its corresponding speed.Usually very low wind speed as far as the speed of the generator could not be required, and must be implemented through the gear boxgears of growth, it will also known as speed-up gearbox for gear boxes.
SKB gear machining bevel gear,offer all kinds of bevel gear custom, we can machining bevel gear used for gearbox. Bevel gears widely used in industrial drives, vehicle differential, locomotives, ships, power plants, steel mills, rail testing and gearbox. Bevel gear features:noise and vibration reduction, light weight and low cost.
Main parameters of bevel gears: gear, analog, pressure angle, addendum, tooth root is high, cone angle (angle), the angle (Pitch angle), cone angle, back cone distance, Tip distance, installation distance, fixed chordal tooth thickness, constant chord height and modification coefficient, backlash, and so on.
A spiral bevel gearbox with reinforced shaft is commonly used in line-shaft drive applications where only a proportion of the full torque is taken off the main drive shaft at various intervals. Because the full torque is not transmitted through the gears, can utilise smaller more cost effective gearboxes.
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Technical Parameters

Main Product Range

Name Diameter Modulus
Spiral bevel Gear ≤ 2.0M ≤ 40M
Straight Bevel Gear ≤ 1.6M ≤ 38M
Big Ring Gear ≤ 6.3M ≤ 36M

Calculation formula of the main parameters on standard spur bevel gear

Name Code Name Calculation formula
Reference diameter d d=mZ
Addendum ha ha=m
Dedendum ≤ 6.3M ≤ 36M
Tip diameter ≤ 6.3M ≤ 36M

Structure of Bevel Gear

Inspection & Control

we have a comprehensive set of inspection and control tools for quality control, materials analysis, mechanical properties,ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, bevel gear roll coloring check,three-coordinate precision gear tester etc..

Germany ZEISS three-coordinate precision inspection

Germany ZEISS three-coordinate precision inspection

Germany ZEISS three-coordinate precision inspection

Bevel gear contact area(Concave)

The bevel gear contact area inspection

The bevel gear contact area inspection

Bevel Gear Contact Area (Convex)

Bevel Gear Contact Area (Convex)

Three-coordinate bevel gear precision inspection report

Three-coordinate bevel gear precision inspection report

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Production Workflow

  • Material inspection

    Material inspection

  • Gear blank machining

    Gear blank machining

  • Gear blank machining

    Gear blank machining

  • Roughing tooth

    Roughing tooth

  • Toothed finishing

    Toothed finishing

  • Keyway / hole, etc.

    Keyway / hole, etc.

  • Cleaning


  • Precision gear inspection

    Precision gear inspection

  • Heat Treatment

    Heat Treatment

  • Final test

    Final test


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