SKB Gear ushered in the customer's cooperation with Iran

In May 2016, SKB Gear produced three large-diameter high modulus gear for rotary kiln and successfully exported to Iran, and these three large-diameter high modulus gear  has won customer appreciation. Esfahan Steel Company is Iran's third largest steel producer and is directly controlled by the Ministry of Industries & Mines. Poland got the trust and support customers.

3-10-1.jpg      11434406250064.jpg

The pinion gear speed is much faster than the large gear, which means that within a unit time, the number of teeth on the pinion meshing parameters is more than the large gear, our design parts are generally desirable to gain  as much life as possible while longer gear failure in general, there are three forms: pitting, gluing, in this case, increasing the hardness and wearing pinion teeth portion can be effective against the above-mentioned failure mode, thereby improving the service life.
The kiln gear is mainly used in cement kiln, coal, mining machinery, and other areas of the kiln work. After continuous development and technological upgrading, we have ushered in more cooperation. SKB Gear is the good partner who you can pay your trust to.

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Necessary Equipment

  • DMU five-axis  machining groups

    DMU five-axis machining groups

  • Gleason Arc Milling Tooth Machine(American)

    Gleason Arc Milling Tooth Machine

  • Gleason Arc Gear Grinding Machine (American)

    Gleason Arc Gear Grinding Machine

  • C5225 vertical lathe

    C5225 vertical lathe

  • Germany 160K Cone gear shaping machine

    Germany 160K Cone gear shaping machine

  • Y2380A conical teeth gear shaping machine

    Y2380A conical teeth gear shaping machine


According to the drawings or samples, customize gear products you need.



According to the specific requirements, design gear products for you, and generate the production.


A minimum order

24 hours online service

Short delivery cycle

Quality assurance

Send Order Request Online Chat