SKB Gear produced kiln gear to give Ukraine customer appreciation.

In April 2016, our products rotary kiln gear successfully exported to Ukraine, and achieved a high customer appreciation. DTEK is an energy holding company headquartered in Donetsk , Ukraine. This kiln gear is mainly used in cement kiln, coal, mining machinery, and other areas of the kiln work.


In building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and many other production industries, the the rotary kiln solid materials are widely used for mechanical, physical or chemical treatment. The teeth number of the gear would have made too much gear dimensions too large, no problem, just a minimum number of teeth of the pinion gear is limited to 14 to 17, in order to avoid undercutting when processing gear. But in order to save space on the transmission gear ratio, in general, two or more stages for gear driving.


SKB Gear is a collection of product development, design, manufacture, sales and maintenance.  As one of the large-diameter high modulus kiln gear for professional manufacturers who own strong technical force, advanced management concepts, rich market experience, we are sure to be  your trusted partner. So, welcome domestic and foreign customers to buy our gear products.

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Necessary Equipment

  • DMU five-axis  machining groups

    DMU five-axis machining groups

  • Gleason Arc Milling Tooth Machine(American)

    Gleason Arc Milling Tooth Machine

  • Gleason Arc Gear Grinding Machine (American)

    Gleason Arc Gear Grinding Machine

  • C5225 vertical lathe

    C5225 vertical lathe

  • Germany 160K Cone gear shaping machine

    Germany 160K Cone gear shaping machine

  • Y2380A conical teeth gear shaping machine

    Y2380A conical teeth gear shaping machine


According to the drawings or samples, customize gear products you need.



According to the specific requirements, design gear products for you, and generate the production.


A minimum order

24 hours online service

Short delivery cycle

Quality assurance

Send Order Request Online Chat